Arlene Weinstock

Photography – Beauty in Utility

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Sold artwork may be available as a print – ask me.


Design is all around us. It is invisible until we take note. This happened to me on a trip to Israel. I saw something unusual on the ground. It was an access cover in the pavement for a cable utility. It said “HOT”. I took my first picture of a manhole cover.

I saw many striking designs for manhole covers. I thought about how a designed utility cover conveys municipal pride. Design beautifies.

Design is important and makes the world beautiful, even a lowly utility cover.

Photographs on this page my be ordered for purchase in sizes other than those shown. The photographs are ready to hang on the wall. The Images that are 20×20 are $400, 16×20 $350, and 16×16 $300. If you wish to order a print at a different size or on a different surface than those shown, please ask.  The prices will be different.

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