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Advanced Techniques in Colored Pencil:

"Loosen Up!" Optical Mixing with Frottage for Greater Colored Pencil Vibrancy

Optical Mixing is a color theory that developed out of Impressionism. By breaking up color and putting color next to color, the viewer's eye mixes the color. This dynamic way of mixing color adds energy to colored pencil work. The word Frottage is a French word meaning "to rub" and this technique was developed by the Surrealist Artist Max Ernst. Using lightweight paper placed over a textured surface, such as a wooden floor, he was able to rub a pencil over the paper to pick up the underlying texture. It is a technique used in schools with children, and it can be used effectively by colored pencil artists. In this workshop, you learn to make your own textured boards, experiment with different papers, and try out this technique.

"Loosen Up!" in Richardson, TX
Who had a better time? the teacher or the students?

using frottage  Loosen Up workshop
Donna's hands, Jessi and Phillis working,

attendees having too much fun  practice
Toni and Dawn having fun, Jonee, Jackie, Helen experimenting

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