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  • Old Baseball Glove<br />Colored Pencil     framed: 22"x17<br />$300 width:288;;height:160
  • Softball and Glove<br />Colored Pencil     framed:  22"x17"<br />$300 width:288;;height:187
  • Baseball Bat and Hard Ball<br />Colored Pencil     framed: 16"x21"<br />$300 width:207;;height:252
  • Baseball and Shoes<br />Colored Pencil     framed: 19" x 15"<br />$300 width:288;;height:188
  • Balls<br />Colored Pencil     framed: 16"x15"<br />$300 width:360;;height:295
  • Acacia Blossom<br />Colored Pencil      unframed picture size 6"x6"<br />$300 width:392;;height:360
  • Orange Levitation<br />Colored Pencil<br />image available as digital print width:298;;height:360
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